UGL in English – Understanding Group and Leader

The UGL course, Understanding Group and Leader, has been the fundamental leadership course for the Swedish Armed Forces since 1981. Since around 1990, it has become a much appreciated and popular course outside the Swedish Armed Forces as well.

The overall aim of the course is to make participants more effective as leaders and/or as members of a working group.

UGL starts  Monday morning  and ends Friday afternoon with a total of 48 hours of training.

Group Size  8-12 participants.

Hotel cost in addition

Hotelprices  four nights

Kungsängen: 10 200 SEK


The UGL concept deals with the aspect of leadership and membership commitment that relates to relationships; that is to say, about myself as a leader/member in relation to others in the team. The concept aims to provide reflection tools concerning how I am personally affected by and affect others in a work situation. What forces within me and within others facilitate or impede this process.

The course also deals with the opportunities and problems of leadership in relation to development of the group’s maturity. What is it that facilitates or impedes implementation of the task in hand and development of the group from a leadership perspective? This takes place in UGL by allowing participants themselves to experience situations that reflect group dynamics and to understand their own roles as part of this.

Course goals

The aim of the course is to enhance participants’ abilities to:

  • work with reflection and learning both individually and as part of a group
  • deal with and understand conflicts
  • be able to communicate directly and clearly
  • understand the effects of feelings on individuals and at group level
  • be able to give and take effective feedback
  • understand how values affect relationships and leadership
  • be able to discern different stages in the development of a group and in your own attitude related to these
  • understand that different leadership styles are needed.

Target group

All individuals that aim for personal growth and development

Previous knowledge

No specific requirements. UGL can be quite demanding and you should be rested and stable in good balance before the course starts.

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