Presentation skills

For a presentation to make and have an impact a thought process, planning and a strong delivery is required. Our presentation skills training teaches you how to make your presentations stand out.

What makes some presentations stand out? Some messages to get across? Some people to seem so confident in their role? How do you capture and keep listeners’ attention?

We practice practical situations with active feedback and a video camera. With clear rhetorical structure you will learn how to create presentations that reach further.


We go through preparation and the common thread, create structures for different types of presentation situations, hold presentations and do exercises, work with body language and stage presence. During two days you will evolve as a presenter, know how to use your strengths and make your next presentation a bigger success.

The training in presentation skills includes both a prepatory task and an evening task between day one and two. Maximum 8 participants.

Coffee, lunch, course material plus one free hour of support after the training are included.


  • Communication
  • Analyzing the target audience is key
  • Preparing for success
  • The common thread creates clarity
  • Scripts and support for the idea
  • Different objectives and presentations require different structures
  • Rhetorical structure
  • Stage presence and body language
  • Controlling your own stress levels
  • To be the leader in the room
  • Dialogue and contact with the audience
  • Getting to know your strengths
  • Challenging situations
  • Presentation tools
  • Your tone of voice is vital
  • Feedback and video recording



Course goals

Gain knowledge and the tools to make great presentations and increase your ability to get the message across on stage.

Target group

Everyone who wants to sharpen their presentation skills and ensure that their messages get across.

Previous knowledge

No prior knowledge required.

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