New as manager

New as manager is a management training for anyone that has recently become or soon will be a manager. We focus on the practical leadership during this training and you will get the tools for feedback, management by objectives and different conversation.

What is expected of you as a manager? How do you lead or manage former colleagues? How do you motivate and delegate for great results? How do you get a team to work together and perform?

During this leadership training you will take part in different situations and exercises that will give you insights into the leadership role. We will go through theories and practical tools for the leadership role and actively practice how to delegate, give feedback, coach, prioritize, management by objectives, have difficult conversations and performance reviews.

During the training we work with different cases where fact is mixed with exercises, discussions and time to reflect. Another important part of the training is of course the experience exchange and contacts made between the participants. A network that you could benefit from after the training.


  • The role as manager
  • Loyalty dilemmas
  • The importance of clear goals
  • Clear rules
  • To delegate and follow up
  • Employment regulations
  • Work environment and responsibility of the manager
  • Planning and prioritising
  • To lead in different situations with different focus
  • Teams and individuals’ development
  • Different manager conversations
  • Communication and clarity is key
  • Good meeting techniques will save time
  • Motivational factors and behaviour
  • Coaching
  • Clarity through feedback
  • Dilemmas and difficult situations

Course goals

The aim of “New as manager” is to gain basic knowledge and practical tools to feel secure and be able to act confidently in your role as manager.

Target group

Anyone that soon will take on the role as manager or has worked as a formal manager for up to roughly a year.

Previous knowledge

No prior knowledge required.

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