Crash course in Swedish employment law

Do you work with HR matters related to Sweden and want to learn more about Swedish employment law in English?

Advantum HR together with Elmzell Law Firm, the Swedish member firm of Ius Laboris – a global Alliance of leading employment law firms, welcome you to a half-day course in English where you will get an overview of employment law in Sweden; from hiring to firing and a lot in between!

The course is aimed at people working as HR manager, HR specialist, HR, managers or to those who work with the company’s/organization’s employment law matters.


Short introduction to Sweden 

  • Characteristics of the Swedish labour market


  • Types of employments, limitations when employing, employment contracts etc.

Terms and conditions

  • Working time, non-compete, notice periods, vacation etc.


  • Pension, insurances etc.

Consultations with trade unions

  • Why, when and how


  • Sickness, parental leave, other leaves etc.

Performance issues and terminations

  • Performance improvement, dismissals due to personal reasons and redundancy, summary dismissal etc.

Discussion and questions

Course goals

The goal of the course is to provide participants an overview of employment law in Sweden, the rules regarding recruitment, rights and obligations during employment and how an employment can be terminated.

Target group

The course is aimed at people working as HR manager, HR specialist, HR, managers or to those who work with the company's/organization's employment law matters.

Previous knowledge

No prior knowledge required.

Course leader

Jenny Hellberg is partner at Elmzell Law Firm, which is Sweden’s largest law firm specialized in employment and HR law. In her daily work she is helping Swedish and foreign employers handle employment law matters from “hiring to firing” and everything in between.

Jenny has almost 20 years’ experience of employment law and is a recognized and appreciated lecturer with long experience of giving seminars as well as in-house training. At her seminars, Jenny explains the complex employment law matters and how they shall be dealt with in practise.

All this is included

  • Educational premises, central in Stockholm
  • Qualified and experienced trainers who share their knowledge and tips
  • Customer Satisfaction Guarantee
  • High quality year after year, with an average of our evaluations of 4.7 (scale 1-5)
  • Wrap, coffee and sweets – but also useful snacks


  • Theory is interspersed with discussions and exchange of experience
  • Course material both digitally and printed


  • A certificate is issued


Ta del av våra utbildningar, tips och erbjudanden