Crash course in Swedish employment

This crash course in Swedish employment law will give you an overview of Swedish employment law; from “hiring to firing” and everything in between. We will cover what you have to know when you are hiring (types of employments, terms and conditions of employment and benefits), during employment (different types of leaves, consultations with trade unions, performance management and work environment issues) and when terminating employments (different types of dismissals, notice periods etc). In addition to give you an overview, we will also talk about the challenges that you meet including cultural aspects and how these employment law matters can be dealt with in practise


Course goals

To get an overview of Swedish employment law; from “hiring to firing” and everything in between

Target group

HR och chefer

Previous knowledge

Course leader

Jenny Hellberg is partner at Elmzell Law Firm, which is Sweden’s largest law firm specialized in employment and HR law. In her daily work she is helping Swedish and foreign employers handle employment law matters from “hiring to firing” and everything in between.

Jenny has almost 20 years’ experience of employment law and is a recognized and appreciated lecturer with long experience of giving seminars as well as in-house training. At her seminars, Jenny explains the complex employment law matters and how they shall be dealt with in practise.

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